Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Day 2 in Sydney was supposed to be skydiving. However due to the strong wind, it was cancelled. We had a choice between refund or to postpone it. We chose the latter and decide to jump at Melbourne instead.

Decided to explore the city but who knew the parking would be this expensive? We paid like $29/hour for parking at Westfield :(

Eggs, burgers, bacons, potato for breakfast and lunch almost everyday. Kinda miss eating some local food.

Ice-cream at Aqua S.

Queen Victoria Building. Love the interior of this building

The iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ending this post with the sunset. It's so pretty!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


Hiya! I'm back from my trip. It was a blast but tiring! This post will consists of pictures that I took in Sydney. I was in Sydney for about 4 and a half days, the other half of the day was spent in Brisbane and then I spent the rest of my trip in Melbourne :')

When we touched down in Sydney, it was about 1150am? After we collected our car, bought the SIM cards and reached our AirBnB apartment, it was noon time. Washed up a little bit before we set off to Bondi Beach! I was so excited as the images of the beach online is so pretty?! I knew I have to witness it with my own eyes hehe.

Settled our lunch at Trio. It was just a walking distance from Bondi Beach! :) And yeap, once we reached the beach, it's pictures time. I gotta say that the sands is damn soft, like one of the softest that i have stepped on!

Apparently, this is called Bondi IceBergs. I can only imagine how good it felt to be swimming in the pool with the waves hitting the pool since we didn't plan on getting into the water for this trip hehe

Thereafter, we decided to head over to Fish Mongers for dinner. Ordered some combo packages and the portion is damn huge?! But the food is pretty good though!

And yes, there is always a room for desserts right?

I wanted to post all the pictures that i took in Sydney in a post but guess it might be a little too long. So, till next time! I hope you will enjoy the pictures that I took.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


The long awaited holiday is here! Jetting off to Australia in approx. 24 hours time. Hopefully this trip will be a good one. Stay tuned for updates when I'm back! Hehe


Tuesday, December 1, 2015


December, one of my favourite month of the year; and the last month of 2015. 8 more days till my next adventure and i can't wait!

Visited Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay last weekend. The lights are really pretty, the kebab that the shop is selling is pretty good but its quite pricey! It was a really nice experience, along with the light performances at Gardens by the Bay and the Christmas songs they played. Ah, i wish Singapore have more Christmas markets like this. I'm feeling all "Christmassy" already!